FIGHTERS - Collaborate in the fight against Breast Cancer

Join NOUMÉNICO and contribute your bit in the fight against breast cancer! Each action will donate the profits to the Spanish Association Against Cancer .
solidarity campaign noumenic fighters

At NOUMÉNICO we could not miss the opportunity to collaborate with a fight as important as this one, which is why we want to encourage you to participate with us and support this cause that is always close to us on one side or another.

How to collaborate?

There are two ways to transform a small action into a donation:

  1. Tying the bow (never better said) to some special edition earrings LUCHADORAS
  2. Acquiring a LUCHADORAS Gift Card to redeem on our website.
Keep reading and discover which one suits you best.

LUCHADORAS: solidarity earrings with a lot of meaning

earrings of noumenico fighters aecc

These two little pink circles enclose a whole battle, they speak of acceptance, of overcoming, and of how beauty is enclosed in the learning behind any struggle.

Some earrings in which we wanted to concentrate all our positive energy and that are great for that small detail that you can wear on a daily basis and that is that small details are what define great people.

All the profits generated by these earrings will be donated directly to the Spanish Association Against Cancer to collaborate in the fight against breast cancer. Discover more about LUCHADORAS Earrings .

LUCHADORAS Gift Card: give solidarity

Breast cancer charity gift card

You can share this gift card with whoever you want, or keep it yourself! With it you will get a voucher for €10 to redeem on our website. For each card sold we will donate €5 to the Spanish Association Against Cancer , so you collaborate with this precious cause and also brighten the day of someone close with a little detail!

By clicking here you will find all the information about the LUCHADORAS Gift Card.

About the Spanish Association Against Cancer

aecc logo

The AECC is the national reference in campaigns for information, prevention, monitoring of patients and financing of research against any type of cancer.

We have all seen in hospitals how their volunteers distribute juice to the sick and relatives, making them smile even at the worst of times. But those actions are the tip of the iceberg of everything they do. At NOUMÉNICO we want to join their information and prevention campaigns so that they continue to give life to such a necessary and beautiful project. Every euro invested in cancer research is one more step towards a cure!

Help us help, Collaborate !

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