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LUCHADORAS Earrings (Special Edition)

LUCHADORAS Earrings (Special Edition)

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All the profits generated by the sale of these earrings will be donated to the AECC to collaborate in the fight against breast cancer .

These little circles are loaded with symbolism. They are a small discreet detail for day to day. Ideal solidarity earrings with which you can collaborate in the fight against breast cancer.

Materials: the earrings are made of pink polymer clay and the butterfly clasp is stainless surgical steel. Each of them has been handcrafted in the NOUMÉNICO workshop.

The AECC is the Spanish benchmark for all people with cancer, including breast cancer patients. Inform, prevent and accompany To the people and relatives of those who suffer from this disease are some of the tasks that their team of volunteers fulfill. By supporting the AECC you help:

  • Inform: This way, more people can be reached in time before they develop the disease in its most serious phases. The lack of information is the main cause of the fear that this cancer generates in us, which can be cured if detected early.
  • Support: the AECC offers advice and support to all patients through psychological care, social care and aesthetic solutions.
  • Investigate: because the long-term solution is to finance research against cancer and its cure.

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